Valentino Tailors first opened its doors in 1969 at 1213 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT in a small store front near the Strand movie theatre. Although, the true story began long before... in the small town of Puglianello, Benevento, Italy.  At the young age of 17, and after having learned his trade as a apprentice in a nearby town, Vincenzo Valentino opened the doors to his very own tailor shop. The year was 1930 and in those days, sewing machines were powered by foot pedals and irons were heated by filling them with hot coals. Most women sewed clothing for their families, and a tailor made suit was considered a luxury and a symbol of wealth. The town was small and the people were poor. Clients would often pay for their clothing with livestock or bread. In this same tailor shop, Antonio Valentino learned his trade from his father.

Times were tough in the small town and Antonio would soon leave home in search of opportunity. His quest led him to Switzerland where he worked in a suit factory and began earning enough money to send home to his family. He then had the opportunity to come to America where he worked as a custom tailor at renowned New Haven suit factories Rosenberg and Fenn & Feinstein. He gradually learned to speak English, and with his work in demand at the factory, he soon gained the confidence to open a tailor shop of his own. Antonio has run the business successfully with the help of his wife Carmel ever since. Enzo Valentino joined the tailor shop full time in April of 2006, making it a third generation family business.

Enzo continues to run the business with the same high level of skill and service to all customers.  He has continued to grow the business and it's offerings and enjoys the diverse clientele who come in to visit.  The family business continues to grow with the help of his wife Alicia, and on occasion their two children Max and Antonio. 


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valentino tailors chairty with gil simmo